Monday, July 03, 2006

Looking forward to unemployment!!!

Hooray! Hooray!!! Handed my notice in today!! I've never been so excited about becoming unemployed!!!! This will free up about 6 weeks before my uni deadline in which I can frantically finish my dissertation!!! Not sure where I might be living at this point, all depends on the whim of my landlord but in any case my mother is helping/bailing me out in the area of finance so don't have to worry about that in the short term. Mothers are great aren't they?! It must be understood of course that my mother is purely helping me to meet my day-to-day living costs and not helping to fund trips to the pub, shopping sprees or expensive eateries I might happen to find myself in after Mass on a feast day, and so I might not be able to be very sociable during August!! But all this is good - it'll force me to stay at home and work, and work, and work and work.......................

My deadline is the 8th September - please be gentle with me until that point!!


At 5:11 pm, Blogger 1dayin7 said...

GOod luck!


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