Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Joys of Wine

Feast on wine or fast on water,
And your honor shall stand sure
If an angel out of heaven
Brings you something else to drink,
Thank him for his kind attentions,
Go and pour it down the sink.
G.K. Chesterton

Oh, I had forgotton the joys of wine!! I gave up alcohol for Lent and now Easter has arrived I can go back to enjoying an evening glass of J. P. Chenet with my Penne Arrabiata! And how I have missed the precious grape!! Banish all spirits and beer and I would hardly notice, but deprive me of red wine and I would truly be bereft! I am only glad that so many wise people agree with me!!

No thing more excellent nor more valuable than wine
was ever granted mankind by God.

Plato, 400 BC

Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of good wine
St. Thomas Aquinas

Wine in itself is an excellent thing.
Pope Pius XII

God in His goodness sent the grape

To cheer both great and small;

Little fools will drink too much

And great fools none at all.



At 1:18 pm, Anonymous Linz said...

More blogging? What is going on? I can hardly keep up!

All your wine quotes seem to be religious in some way. Hmmmm... I wonder why that is.

At 10:18 pm, Blogger Katrina said...

With only the slightest of research you will discover that my behaviour follows a rather predictable pattern. My very first blog was written this time last year, whilst I was in the middle of essay deadlines, just like I am now!! It's about procrastination and distraction and also in this instance about alleviating one's anxiety with wine!

At 10:27 pm, Blogger Katrina said...

Oh and I didn't deliberately try to find religious wine quotes, I just tried to find wine quotes - and they turned out to mention religion which I find very fascinating!! How's this for an theological argument;

1. Wine is good

2. Those that believe in God also believe wine is good

3. Therefore those that believe wine is good should believe in God.

4. Thus God exists

At 2:57 pm, Blogger meg said...

Good point. See you in church.

At 9:03 pm, Blogger the dĂșnadan said...

Hallo Katrina,

I have just found your blog today and can happily say that I am enjoying reading it. Of particular joy was this post on wine, which, by amazing coincidence, I have made mention of in my blog today. In fact, if you don't mind, I shall make use of those truly wise quotations!

In Christ,


At 9:49 pm, Blogger Katrina said...

Not at all Dunadan and welcome to my blog! I may steal your Belloc quotation in due course and leave some comments on your blog!

It's amazing, my blog hardly got any visitors until I went on a few Catholic blogs and now you Catholics are taking over - excellent!!! What part of London are are you from?

At 8:24 am, Anonymous Stuart said...

Not a particularly great wine I have to say...

At 8:27 am, Anonymous stuart said...

Not a great wine I have to say...


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