Friday, December 23, 2005

Food poisoning and other tales of woe!

I was meant to arrive in Bombay today.

Alas I didn't even have to leave my front door and I got food poisoning. My own stupidity it turns out - reheated some left over Chinese food, but did it in the oven as don't have a microwave so clearly didn't get it hot enough. I've never had food poisioning in England before, reheated food lots of time before and never been ill. It was so horrible - I started being sick at midnight and was sick about every 20 minutes until 6am yesterday morning. I was supposed to go into work but couldn't and I've taken so many days off sick I felt so bad calling in - especially when they know I was meant to be leaving for India that evening. But even after 6am I was still being sick - just more sporadically - it took till gone 8pm last night for me to keep any food down!

So, was too ill to get on my flight last night, it's been cancelled and my mother has found me something on last for this evening.

I feel like ever since I left Leytonstone my life has been some sort of nightmarish rollercoaster - my house move didn't work out (house too cold - was waking up in the night shivering, housemate/landlady too particular - didn't like the way I dryed up, I put things in the wrong places in her kitchen, irritated her by not putting out the recyling etc etc), I've had a bad cold 3 times ( a cold house probably didn't help), I had my bag stolen, things have gone pearshaped at work (low staff morale, people leaving jobs, heated team meetings etc etc). I thought things might calm down a bit after my house move, but that was more stressful that it need be because the estate agents left everything last minute and when I moved in there was lots of work that needed doing - the worst being a leaky washing machine which had caused water to seep through the kitchen flooring causing the laminate to buckle out of shape.

THEN - just when I thought things couldn't get worse, the 2nd night I moved in I heard someone put the key in the lock and terrified I hid in the lounge, shaking with an umbrella to protect me and dialled 999.

The locks have since been changed and the washing machine repaired - but now the food poisoning!!!

As I keep saying to people, I don't expect life to always go my way, I expect a certain amount of inconvenince, annoyance, illness, suffering etc - fine, but all this all at once, it's too much!!

I would like some continuity in my life, and I would like to have at least one week which went smoothly. Is this too much to ask?


At 9:32 am, Blogger meg said...

Poor Katrina... Something tells me you need a sit down and a nice cup of tea. We should do tea and Battenburg in the new year.


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