Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mice to see you...

OK OK I admit it - I've got mice!! I've been in denial these last few weeks desperately trying to find alternative explaantions for the mice-like scuryring sounds I've been hearing whilst trying to get to sleep at night! Must be some pebbles falling down the chimney or my weird neighbours on the other side!! But despite trying to rationalise away the problem my imagination worked overtime as I envisioned myself being attacked by mutant rats, my mother discovering my mutilated body and the headline in the local paper - 'Goldsmith's student savaged by killer rats'. (Incidentally I blame James Herbert for all of this - if your disposition is as sensitive to horror as mine then don't read his Rats trilogy!)

Despite traumatising myself with my morbid fanatsies I did actually manage to get to sleep at night - until yesterday that was. Mr mouse must've got fed up waiting for me to finish reading and turn off my light and so made a run for it behind my bedside table and all the way along behind my bed and out to I don't where........ Somehow the reality of a fast moving small brown mouse traumatised me more than my imaginings about mutant rats and I had to sleep in the lounge last night. I shut the door firmly but took ages to get to sleep worried the mouse would come and find me and somehow crawl under the lounge door!

I've lived with mice before but not in my bedroom. That's just downright rude - doesn't it realise that's invasion of my personal space?!!

Why are we so scared of such tiny creatures? And why do they only come out at night?


At 10:56 am, Blogger Shizue said...

mice are nocturnal. La Harrington, you must read this article:

Apparently, you must "think like a mouse" in order to beat them.

No problem there with your penchant for cheese then...

At 7:04 pm, Blogger Katrina said...

So google brought up the same website for you then too!! I read it last Sunday after coming back from Mass instead of getting straight on with my essays. Must've spent a good hour on the net reading about mice. They like confined spaces so I'm trying to make my bedroom invoke agoraphobia in the little blighters!! It was all fascinating stuff but still found no theories as to why they are nocturnal. I did find out that the house mouse originated in Asia though!! Oh woe to colonialism!!!


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