Sunday, August 07, 2005

Shock Horror!! I ate some minced beef today!!

Yes, the "vegetarian" finally ate some meat!!! As my close friends all know I've been contemplating eating meat again for the last couple of years but never managed to pluck up the courage - until today. It was only a couple of teaspoon's worth but it was still meat nonetheless and as the last time I deliberately ate meat was around 13 years ago, this is quite a significant event!

You see for a while now my views on eating meat have changed and in principle I no longer have a problem with animals being killed for meat, if they have been bred humanely and fed properly -e.g. chickens not being pumped full of antibiotics or cows being force fed sheep's brains!! So when I was told that the beef on offer today was organic, I no longer had any excuse and curiousity got the better of me. Half a glass of red wine helped with the dutch courage too!

What did it taste like - well I only had a little and I could taste the sauce more than the meat and so it didn't blow me away, but the mystique has not completely disappeared and no doubt I shall be doing some more exploring in due course.

Oh dear, what will my sister say when she finds out?